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Supplier & System Integrator through VIPA make Micro PLC A new CPU has flown into our model range. A very small CPU in fact, with special features: The new VIPA MICRO PLC! Integrated inputs and outputs as well as the many technological functions will simplify your life. INGENIOUS! The memory is completely remanent. The matter of data storage is thus already cushioned for you.CPU facts ••16 digital inputs ••12 digital outputs ••2 analog inputs ••6 technology channels ••4 counters ••2 PWM ••2 active Ethernet ports ••Up to 128 kB memory ••Expandable up to 160 IO points ••Multi-programmable Serial communication ••ASCII ••USS ••3964(R) ••STX/ETX ••MPI ••PROFIBUS ••Modbus RTU Ethernet communication ••Modbus TCP ••Networking ••Diagnosis ••Monitoring ••PROFINET ready
  • 2017-03-18T11:44:38

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