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Loop Powered Vibration Transmitter Product Details: Brand : eMonitoring Technologies Model : eMT350 Accuracy : full scale Enclosure : ABS Plastic Mounting : DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply : 40 mA Power Loop Dimensions : 37 X 110 X 70 D mm for ABS Plastic moulded enclosure Signal Input Piezo Accelerometer 2 Wire CC, Piezo Velocity 2 Wire CC (Low Bias) Sensor Power : +24 V DC @ 4 mA Constant Current Frequency Response : 5 Hz 10KHz 3 dB for acceleration Measurement : Acceleration 0-9.99 g (Pk or RMS) or Velocity 0-99.9 mm/s (Pk or RMS) or Displacement 0-999 m No. of Channels : One Output : 4-20 mA DC output on the same +24 V DC Power Loop - max. : load 300 Ohms Display Type : Digital Matching up with the ever increasing requirements of the customers, our company is engaged in providing Loop Powered Vibration Transmitter. Other Details: The eMT350 Loop Powered Vibration Transmitter (Single Channel) is most suited for general Balance of Plant Rotating Machinery whereby the vibration signals are often converted to 4-20mA DC and interfaced to the DCS loop power system and trended to monitor machine defect progression. The overall vibration is sufficient enough to include basic machine faults. The PLC or the DCS are configured for the full scale range and compare vibration level with predefined Alarm and Trip levels.However, for analysis purposes TWF AC raw signal is provided in the front panel on a BNC connector, as an option.The unit can accept input from most sensors and unlike Loop Powered sensors, eMT350 and its sensor can be calibrated periodically meeting ISO9000 requirement.For field applications, the IP65 or IP66 enclosure are available, as required, to accommodate 1, 2, 4 or 8 number of eMT350’s.The re-transmission analogue signal can be trended in DCS/PLC to monitor defect progression and plan maintenance considering production schedule and fix the problem before catastrophic failure. Features: Unbalance Misalignment Bad bearings Mechanical looseness Aerodynamic forces
  • 2018-03-19T06:34:46

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